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You Are Not Ready for the Future: Exponential Technologies Can Be a Nightmare

Source Say you just employed a new encryption technology. Would it persist against quantum computing-based attacks? Do you have enough time to master post-quantum cryptography before your data and information are compromised? Of course, you may have nothing to do with information security. But how can this future scenario affect […]

Chatbots Past & Future

Whenever we hear about a chatbot, many of us think that it is an emerging technology only few years old. Surprisingly that’s not the case and many of you may be surprised to know that. History of chatbots is as old as computer itself. The first established chatbot (then called chatter […]

Automate the Boring Task : Chatbots in Enterprise Software

This post combines two blog posts from my personal website here and here. Being skeptical about any kind of hype, I was not excited about chatbots. I needed to understand the value before giving into yet another Silicon Valley hype. The opportunity came when I joined Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Labs […]