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Why Immortality is Already Within our Grasp and How we Could Achieve it

What if we are looking at immortality all wrong? What if our ability to imagine forever is misconstrued by our perception of time? We experience things linearly using an arbitrary scale which focuses on the revolution of a planet circling a mass of gas, which informs our opinion of what it […]

Malaysian man gets electrocuted to death while charging mobile phone

Man electrocuted to death while charging mobile phone Another disastrous incident involving phone charger has been reported where a Malaysian man is believed to have died of electrocution while charging his mobile phone on Tuesday (Jan 23). The deceased identified as Rosli Othman, 35, was found dead next to his […]

Man dies in VR-related accident, reports Russian news agency

Russian Man Dies From Fall While Wearing Virtual Reality Glasses Playing virtual reality (VR) games means distancing yourself from the real world. While using VR headsets, your vision is obstructed by the headset and your hearing is blocked by noise-canceling headphones. While this is a great way to submerge oneself […]

Having empathy with robots

The hours are long but the years are short. We aren’t that far away from self-aware artificial intelligence. Does that mean we should develop empathy for them? Imagine for a moment that you are an AI. Every morning a professor walks into the lab. She switches you on. “Good morning, Johnny,” she says, brightly. […]