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Legal and ethical implications of data accessibility for public welfare and AI research advancement

This article has been co-written with Gabrielle Paris Gagnon, lawyer at Propulsio 360 Business Consultants LLP Every organization that focuses on artificial intelligence wants and needs the same thing : more data to train their algorithms. Without a doubt, a lot of the success of deep learning systems today is predicated […]

Has Data Become the New Golden Calf

Has Data Become the New Golden Calf? A well-known story from the Jewish Tanakh tells about the Hebrew leader, Moses, receiving the famous Ten Commandments from God. God then orders Moses to teach these Commandments to the Hebrews. There, the discussion generally stops; however, what is not oft discussed is what […]

The curious effect of the phone in my hip pocket

Legal fine print in my iPhone 4 (Settings->General->About->Legal->RF Exposure) A few years ago, a friend told me an odd story. He’s a partner in a construction related business, and spends half his time driving around meeting customers and prospects. One day, he noticed his testes were aching, and went to […]

A Code of Ethics for Data Science

2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day. It’s created by you when you’re commute to work or school, when you’re shopping, when you get a medical treatment, and even when you’re sleeping. It’s created by you, your neighbors, and everyone around you. So, how do we ensure it’s […]

Can A Machine Be Racist?

Artificial Intelligence has become a household word. It has also become a manipulator of all households. The unchecked explosion in AI across all businesses and business models has been a phenomenal driver of growth, but it raises questions that need to be answered. Data Scientists and AI Researchers will increasingly […]

Data Science and the DPO

Why is hiring a Data Protection Officer who ignores Data Science like buying an armored tank to drive around in circles? If data is the fuel of the digital economy, Europe’s new General Guidelines on Data Protection provides a legal roadmap of what we can now do with the personal data […]

How far are we from a Fully Autonomous Driving World?

You can find me on Twitter @bhutanisanyam1Here and Here are two posts on my Learning Path to Self Driving Cars Source: Business Insider The MIT Deep Learning for Self-Driving Car course just released their First lecture video (alternatively Here are the lecture notes if you want a quick read) The Lecture is an […]

Why I won’t pledge allegiance to Big Data

From online dating to micro-targeted political ads on your Facebook feed, a world governed by information and algorithms has become the new normal. However, the rise of data-driven decision-making has been accompanied by a dangerous ruse of objectivity — the false assumption that numbers must be neutral. As a disclaimer, computer and data […]

A techie’s rough guide to GDPR

[This was originally written for my upcoming book Future Ethics, but it might be too boring to make the final draft. I must stress that this post does not constitute legal advice; anyone who takes my word over that of a properly qualified lawyer deserves what they get. I recommend […]

How to Engineer Trust in the Age of Autonomy

An exploration of human-machine trust (image by Daryl Campbell, CCO, Sensum) In the ever-accelerating march of big data and AI, we are sharing increasingly detailed and personal data with our technology. Many of us already freely publish our thoughts, our current location, our app-usage stats… a raft of personal information, […]