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Building A Connected Game With Expo

Open Source Cross-Platform Javascript Game After developing my last game Expo Sunset Cyberspace, the biggest thing I noticed was how competitive my friends were. At the time, we would just share screenshots of our score. This being the future and all, I figured we may as well make this the […]

Flutter hands-on: Building a Live Location Sharing App

A post to help you understand Flutter with the help of Trova mi — My Live Location Sharing App! Whether it is through workshops, tutorials or DIY manuals, to learn a new framework, all you need to do is pick a starting point. Sooner than later, you will find yourself becoming a pro […]

Machine Learning in Firebase: Using Predictions

Getting Started with Firebase Predictions Firebase Predictions applies machine learning to your Google Analytics for Firebase data to create groups of users based on predicted behavior. These groups are updated daily, and can be used for targeting with notifications, remote configuration and more. Out of the box, Firebase Predictions will […]

Your first Google Assistant skill

How to build conversational app for Google Home or Google Assistant Smart home speakers, assistant platforms and cross-device solutions, so you can talk to your smartwatch and see the result on your TV or car’s dashboard. Personal assistants and VUIs are slowly appearing around us and it’s pretty likely that […]