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Software developer gets fired by a machine

A real AI could have saved this man from being fired by a computer Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming more common in industries such as banks, insurance companies, wealth management firms, factories, ecommerce, retail firms, train stations, hotels and other service industries. While there is a constant fear of AI […]

IoT Developer Story: Deeplocal

Posted by Dave Smith, Developer Advocate for IoT Deeplocal is a Pittsburgh-based innovation studio that makes inventions as marketing to help the world’s most loved brands tell their stories. The team at Deeplocal built several fun and engaging robotics projects using Android Things. Leveraging the developer ecosystem surrounding the Android […]

What is the Difference Between Machine Learning and Human Learning?

Both human as well as machine learning generate knowledge — but there’s a big difference between the two. Learning is the act of acquiring new or reinforcing existing knowledge, behaviours, skills or values. Humans have the ability to learn, however with the progress in artificial intelligence, machine learning has become a resource which […]

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Machine Learning

By Daniel Tunkelang, who led machine learning projects at Endeca, Google, LinkedIn. Originally published on Quora. As someone who often finds himself explaining machine learning to non-experts, I offer the following list as a public service announcement. Machine learning means learning from data; AI is a buzzword. Machine learning lives up […]

Intel ME Firmware Flaws Not Perfectly Fixed Last Month, Say Security Researchers

Major Intel ME Firmware Flaw Allows Attackers Get ‘God Mode’ On A Vulnerable Machine In a recent presentation held at Black Hat Europe in London, security researchers from Positive Technologies, Mark Ermolov and Maxim Goryachy revealed how a buffer overflow they discovered in the Intel’s secret Management Engine 11’s firmware can be […]

If an AI Guard Dog Misidentifies and Attacks the Postman, Who is Responsible?

Source: Alamy. We need to bake in and legally mandate AI-driven systems to have a fundamental humane and humanity-benefit outlook. The Cuban Missile Crisis: The B59 Story and How One Human Prevented WWIII From Breaking Out At the height of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962, four Soviet submarines carrying nuclear […]