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Top tech trends to watch in 2018

What we are excited about working on at Marino Software this year Illustration by Patricia Herrero, designer at Marino Software Our team at Marino Software talks about trends, technologies and processes we are looking forward to working on this year. From conversational interfaces, biometrics, design sprints, to augmented reality and iBeacons… It’s meant […]

Ok, Alexa…how do you work?

“ I have many components made by lots of people.” — Amazon Echo “I can help you with lots of things. For example, you can say things like… To see more examples check out the Google Home app.” — Google Home Not quite the answer I was looking for. Ok Jerry, how do voice-controlled speakers work? I recently […]

Voice Augmented Applications

Principles for Multi-Modal Interfaces On the Watson Cognitive Environments team, we explored ways that Watson could improve human-computer interaction. We built various gesture based interactions using body tracking, spatial input tools and both passive and active voice driven applications. Ultimately, what was actually useful for our target environment was augmenting […]

Amazon’s Alexa Is Life-Changing for the Blind

For the blind, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa is more than just neat technology; it’s a lifeline. By Jon Kalish Bill Boules, blind since birth, has three Amazon Echos at his home in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. and says they’ve been “life-changing.” Boules, 42, bought the smart speaker as soon as […]

How much UI do we really need?

The interaction between humans and machines is currently at its top, and we’re not even aware of what’s ahead of us. Still, even with the UI developing so quickly, we should take a moment to contemplate its effects. To be more precise — how much UI do we need on our phones, […]

I got an Alexa and…

Chartgeist from WIRED magazine by Jon J. Eilenberg, February 2017 issue Ok it didn’t take over my love life but here’s my story. Before I returned back to Canada, my partner told me he got an Alexa for the house. At the time, I was still very unsure about personally using […]

How VUIs Change Our Lives

Voice user interface, a great step in mobile-first to AI-first transition This post was originally written on my personal blog, A couple days ago Google published the 2017 summary of their voice-first solutions: Google Home (hardware) and Google Assistant (software). And it seems that the new way of how […]

What voice tech means for brands

An overview of the issues around voice technology and top line considerations for brand owners. Sony’s LF-S50G speaker with Google Assistant. Image via  What voice tech means for brands was originally published in Bartle Bogle Hegarty on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. […]

Google Pixel Buds teardown

Google recently launched their wireless earbuds as a bold new step to enable Google’s “virtual personal assistant” through a wearable product. I’ve talked previously about the promise of voice interfaces, and I believe in creating a more seamless human-computer interface to humanize technology, so I applaud this effort. Her (2013) But to […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Wake Words

The gateway between you and your AI assistant is the Wake Word. It’s a small thing that a lot of people take for granted. But it is no small thing to create an algorithm that’s always listening for a particular utterance that lasts less than a second that can be said […]