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A Place for Secrets

TL;DR: The ability to program 3D objects and rooms in mixed reality will usher in a golden age for encryption, from “mixed-medium” algorithms to stacked-authentication schemes. Mixed reality will allow quantum proof data sharing with both forward and backward secrecy, and this will mitigate many of the negative effects of […]

Why is Occlusion in Augmented Reality So Hard?

“Occlusion” means hiding virtual objects behind real things. One of the biggest and most elusive pieces of the augmented reality puzzle is occlusion. In other words, the ability to hide virtual objects behind real things. This post is about why occlusion in AR is so hard and why deep learning might be […]

Snapchat’s Filters: How computer vision recognizes your face

The science behind personalized facial recognition In those moments of boredom when you’re playing with Snapchat’s filters — sticking your tongue out, ghoulifying your features, and working out how to get the flower crown to fit exactly on your head — surely you’ve had a moment where you’ve wondered what’s going on, on a […]

Augmented Reality(AR) And Virtual Reality(VR): What Are The Differences?

Many impossibilities of yesterday are possible today. Today’s impossibilities, centered around Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will soon become possible. You see, the impossibility isn’t whether they work, rather it’s about taking them mainstream. So the real question is, how good does it have to be before the […]

Apple’s ARKit for All — What is Apple ARKit

A new ARKit version released. Will Apple lead or will Apple follow, in this war on Augmented Reality platforms? A new ARKit version released. Will Apple lead or will Apple follow, in this war on Augmented Reality platforms? Apple’s ARKit revealed to the public at the World Wide Developers Conference […]

The Real Reason Behind Pokemon Go’s Success

Storytelling matters today more than ever Pokémon Go has become the go-to success story for everyone in the Augmented Reality space — and given it’s initial numbers, it’s no wonder. But why does this game appeal to hundreds of millions of people? Is it just the Pokémon license? Is it because of Augmented Reality? […]

Google Chrome to get AR with downloadable 3D objects

Google is working on bringing AR’s magic to Chrome with downloadable 3D objects Google recently unveiled its experimental efforts to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) features into the mobile and desktop web using its Chrome browser. The browser-based prototype version of AR called ‘Article’ is a 3D model viewer, which not […]

CES 2018: Eye Tracking in VR/AR, Gaming, and PCs

This year, at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, we are gearing up to show how eye tracking enables better devices and better experiences generally across a wide range of devices, from gaming PCs and monitors to augmented and virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs). Eye Tracking in AR/VR experiences 👁️ […]