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Google confirms Dark Mode on Android smartphones improves battery life

Dark Mode on Android smartphone helps save battery life, admits Google Google finally confirmed that the Dark Mode uses less power and helps increase battery life on Android smartphones, SlashGear reported. During a presentation at the 2018 Android Dev Summit, Google urged its developers to use darker colors in their apps […]

Battery life of new smartphones are worse than their predecessors

Smartphone Battery Life Of Some New Devices Is Worse Than Older Models Some of the most recent smartphones have actually fared worse than their older counterparts in terms of their battery life, suggest a new report from The Washington Post. Apparently, most of the last year’s top smartphones outperformed this year’s devices. […]

MacBook users accuse Apple of overstating standby battery life

MacBook users claim Apple exaggerating standby battery life, resisting repairs Recently, Apple was criticized by its irate users for deliberately slowing down older iPhone performances so as to get its loyalists buy its latest offering, iPhone 8 or iPhone X. Following the accusation, Apple apologized for battery-related iPhone performance problems […]

iPhone X ranks below iPhone 8 because of durability and battery life, says Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports Ranks iPhone X Below The iPhone 8 And 8 Plus Consumer Reports, a consumer assistance publication, recently performed an extensive testing on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X along with other smartphones and published the results of its iPhone X tests based on display, camera, […]