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10 Best Torrent Clients or Torrent Downloader for Windows – 2018

Torrent downloader plays a very crucial role when it comes to downloading large files, such as movies, software, games etc. But the catch is, you just can’t download a torrent file using your casual downloader. It won’t work. You will need a separate torrent downloader or torrent client for that. So […]

BitTorrent launches uTorrent Web for simple torrenting experience

uTorrent Web is the next generation of torrenting from BitTorrent BitTorrent, Inc., the company behind the world’s most popular P2P communications protocol, has officially released the first version of µTorrent Web to help users quickly download and play torrent files inside their browser. µTorrent Web (not to be confused with […]

Poisoned BitTorrent Client Update Hijacked Over 400,000 PCs Last Week

Over 400,000 PCs Affected By Backdoored Russian BitTorrent Client Nearly over 400,000 computers were infected with cryptocurrency mining malware during a 12-hour period that was caused by a backdoored version of popular Russian-based BitTorrent client called MediaGet. The malware campaign dubbed Dofoil (also known as Smoke Loader) was discovered carrying a coin […]