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A Unifying Blockchain to Enhance Interoperability, Scalability and Usability Within the Ecosystem

There internet as a fundamental tool in the development of humankind has experienced constant growth since its creation. This growth has been in phases and currently, the world is in the phase of the Internet of Value (IoV), which is significantly powered by the blockchain. A community of independent entities […]

Cryptocurrencies ‘Could Drop To Near-Zero Any Time,’ Warns Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

Cryptocurrency not a sound long-term investment, cautions Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin More and more people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, as it is currently seen as one of the best investment opportunity in the market. For instance, Bitcoin – the virtual currency also called as cryptocurrency –started off at […]

Blockchain Protocol Solves the Problem of Liquidity in the Prediction Market

Despite solving the issue of trust within the betting and prediction industry, blockchain platforms still suffer from issues of liquidity. This is visible in prediction markets like Gnosis and Augur, where it may take up to a week to grade wagers and resolve contracts. This is even more complicated with […]

Endor Protocol democratizes the Prediction Industry using Blockchain and AI

The ability to make accurate predictions is one of the most crucial elements differentiating the world’s top successful companies and investors from others who operate with limited clarity about future events. The ability of the bigger and more established tech-giants in achieving accuracy in the business of prediction lie within […]

Distributed HUAWEI and CISCO on the next generation of Internet: MeshBox

Internet access is often seen as a given, but the process of connecting the developed world has been a hot button issue among the Silicon Valley elite. Any number of suggestions have been made, and some high concept attempts have ultimately failed in their deployment. The MeshBox Foundation is seeking […] Launch — Decentralized Robot Wars on the blockchain

Overview: What is Etherbots? Etherbots is a decentralized application hosted on the Ethereum network. It’s a Robot Wars inspired game where you collect parts and weapons, forge dynamic robots, and use them to battle others on the platform. Level up and discover rare parts by winning duels in the arena. […]

Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) — Let’s use the oil of the 21th century

Media are sure that data is the oil of the of the 21th century. But how can we unleash its power and make sure that we also get a piece of the cake? Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) is on a mission to make this happen. Status Quo Artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Why the Blockchain Promises a Safer Future and how big Business Will try to Kill it

The World is Changing Before our Eyes The future of everything is in the crowd — through distributed networks and blockchains which enable privacy, collaboration and trust on an unprecedented scale. This is the next revolution. Individuals taking back power from governments, companies and agencies by reclaiming their privacy and anonymity. Blockchains remove […]

Becoming the Airbnb of Data Storage

It’s good to share Once regarded suspiciously as a hippy-dippy attempt at social engineering, the sharing economy is now mainstream. In fact, offerings from companies such as online leasing company Airbnb — that now boasts 3,000,000 lodging listings in 65,000 cities and 191 countries — have become so mainstream that PricewaterhouseCoopers believe that nearly one-fifth […]

WTF is Decentralized Artificial Intelligence?

TL;DR: It’s the future The artificial intelligence revolution has started and organizations in manufacturing, transportation, retailing, finance, entertainment, education, and nearly every other industry are transforming their core processes and business models to take advantage. Not only is AI transforming industries and companies, it plays a huge role in our daily […]