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Data analysis has a serious Last Mile problem

Sir Edmund Hillary wouldn’t have made it up Everest without Tenzing Norgay. A quick and simple explanation of a very important issue. In order to innovate, business managers/doctors/researchers need to ask critical, detailed questions about their customers/patients/subjects, respectively — but their analytics dashboards are only giving them the same old KPIs and visualizations. […]

5 Things to Ask Your Chat Bot Provider

What You Need to Know to Make Your ChatBot Project a Success Artificial Intelligence developing full-bore, chatbots are, currently, a rage. If having one developed for your business has crossed your mind, you should be aware that sole reliance on the provider you choose may not be the best approach. There […]

How Large Enterprise Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We are hearing a lot about machine learning in the news and it starts to become difficult to separate hyperbolae and exciting futurist predictions from pragmatic real-world business applications. I love the field of artificial intelligence, it inspires me every day, but often artificial intelligence can seem like it is […]

5 Tips To Benefit From AI when Running a Business

Artificial Intelligence has raised the eyebrows of nearly all industries globally. We’ve seen them change the face of manufacturing; they’ve transformed factories and taken over manual tasks. If that’s not enough, the robot community is on the rampage again. Imagine working with robotics as colleagues? Well, if you thought that’s the […]

Lessons in Analytics From Mobile Gaming — The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Storytelling, Profiling, Distributions, and Filters Leave it to the folks at Bethesda to provide a card game with incredible storytelling. If I were a marketer, I could ramble on about brand recognition and knowing your strengths. Alas, I am but a humble analyst, and so let me ramble in a different […]