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5 ERP Trends in the Retail Industry in 2018

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has helped numerous businesses across multiple industries integrate their day-to-day operations and streamline business management processes. The retail industry is one of the largest users of ERP software globally. As ERP software vendors constantly work to create less complex, more powerful and more affordable ERP […]

Why Google Should Sell Nest.

Promise vs Reality When Google acquired Nest in 2014 it was the biggest acquisition of an energy tech company. Nest had taken the lowly thermostat and made it desirable and sexy. It was the first smart home product that made utilities think ‘customers might actually care about this stuff!’. The Nest […]

Congratulations to the winners of the Google Play Indie Games Contest 2017 in Europe

Posted by Adriana Puchianu, Developer Marketing Google Play We have just wrapped up the second edition of the Google Play Indie Games Contest in Europe! The iconic Saatchi Gallery in London welcomed 20 developers, from 12 countries, who showcased their games to the audience of gamers, industry experts, and journalists. […]

10 Engaging Facts About Chatbots

The rise of the chatbots continues. Move fast so your business isn’t left behind. Every day, more people are discovering the many benefits of chatbots. They’re easy to use. They save your customers’ time. They’ve got personality. In fact, many people prefer to interact with brands and businesses via chat or messaging — and […]

Google to Launch Netflix for Gaming called Yeti

If you like video games you probably like Steam. Now imagine a subscription service where you can stream games via Chrome? Dubbed Yeti, this new service will stream to a Chromecast or to an entirely new console. Say what? Yet Google might be building the Netflix of Gaming. Google hasn’t understood […]

73 Mind-Blowing Implications of a Driverless Future

To drive or to be driven. Is that the question? 73 Mind-Blowing Implications of Driverless Cars and Trucks I originally wrote and published a version of this article in September 2016. Since then, quite a bit has happened, further cementing my view that these changes are coming and that the implications […]

Three Surprising Truths About “Scale”

The concept of “scale” is having a moment. Scale is often cited by leaders in business as the solution to so many problems. Startups need scale. Mature businesses need to scale new lines of business or growth areas. Everyone talks about scale, but few people understand it or implement the […]

Above The Cacophony

Why The World Needs A Medium For Grass Roots Global Co-Operation “I brood over [each pot] with the same tenderness a mortal child awakens in its parent.” “I am making pottery for art’s sake, God’s sake, the future generation, and — by present indications — for my own satisfaction, but when I’m gone my work … […]