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How Will Blockchain Change The Healthcare Industry?

It’s been more than 10 years since blockchain was first presented by Satoshi Nakamoto in the original whitepaper, although the crypto hype — which brought the technology into the spotlight — intensified at a later stage of that journey.  Despite being around for a significant amount of time, blockchain remains […]

Can Blockchain Technology Change the Face of Online Trading?

Technology can often produce massive levels of change in a short time. Consider the internet. Within a few short years, it went from a neat toy in a college lab to a global phenomenon that changed the way information is transferred. With this technology in hand, other industries like stock […]

Windows 10 now no longer requires you to ‘safely remove hardware’

Windows 10 now allows you to safely remove USB by just pulling it out, Microsoft confirms With the release of Windows 10 version 1809, Microsoft is finally addressing the issue of accidentally removing USB drive or shutting down your computer without ejecting it first. Microsoft is changing the default setting […]

Pornhub creates a new domain to bypass India’s porn ban

Pornhub launches mirror site after Indian government revives porn ban by blocking 827 adult sites Last week, the Indian government issued a directive asking the internet service providers (ISPs) to block around 827 porn websites, including Pornhub, the largest adult entertainment site. However, Pornhub has now launched a mirror site […]

LimeTorrents Switches To New Domain And Homepage To Fight Blocking Efforts

LimeTorrents responds to ISP blockades with a new domain and homepage LimeTorrents, which is one of the ten most-visited torrent sites on the internet, has changed its domain name and updated its homepage in response to several blocking efforts. By doing this, the site is hoping not only to bypass […]

Jelurida Has The Experience to Change Smart Contracts Forever

Creator of open source blockchain solutions and the first proof-of-stake blockchain, Jelurida was developed as a public platform, ready for consumers to completely customize a blockchain infrastructure to their specific needs. Jelurida’s original platform, Nxt, has been providing these services since its 2013 inception. Nxt is a public blockchain, open […]

Change Your Default DNS to Cloudflare DNS For Fast Internet Speed

Increase your internet speed by changing your Default DNS to Cloudflare’s DNS Cloudflare Inc., a website performance, and security company recently launched a new free public Domain Name System (DNS) service with as its IP address. With the introduction of the DNS service, Cloudflare’s is looking to increase internet […]

Innovation, Change, and Technology Strategies for Success as Social Entrepreneurs

How does social change happen? | Social Innovation Blog Series Sarah Sharif (r), Founder and CEO of Experimental Civics based in Austin, Texas and Charlotte van Oostrum (l), freelance consultant and researcher in content strategy, design and management and Community Developer for based in Rotterdam Area, The Netherlands met each […]