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A 2-year-old locked his mom’s iPhone for 47 years after entering wrong passcode

2-year-old enters wrong passcode, locks mom’s iPhone for 47 years Never would have this Shangai mother imagined in her wildest dreams that the iPhone given to her toddler to watch “educational videos” online would cost her the smartphone. According to the South China Morning Post, the mother who has been identified only as Ms. […]

The Spy Masters’ case against Huawei is flimsy

The Chinese phone maker’s biggest offense may be it’s too successful. Continue reading on Bloomberg View » GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the field for the last 6 years. Currently focusing on mobile app development and IoT. http://copypasteprogrammers.comPlease follow and like us:0

As China Marches Forward on AI, the White House Is Silent

Last summer, China unveiled a plan to become the world’s leader in artificial intelligence, challenging the longtime role of the United… Continue reading on The New York Times » GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the field for the last 6 years. Currently […]

China Goes full Black Mirror: The Future of Freedom

China has a special relationship with facial recognition and urban surveillance advances. Police officers in Zhengzhou, China have been spotted wearing sunglasses equipped with facial recognition software that allows them to identify individuals in a crowd. Tracking citizens is now that much easier, as in many respects Chinese military tech […]

Chinese Police Now Wear Smart Glasses With Facial Recognition Technology

Police in China wear hi-tech facial recognition sunglasses to nab suspects Chinese police have found a unique way to identify potential criminals and fight crime. Police in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province located in east-central China have introduced high-tech facial-recognition sunglasses to arrest offenders in the province’s railway station, according […]

China, the United States… and the war to control 5G

IMAGE: Believeinme33–123RF Following the last-minute announcement at CES by US telecommunications giant AT&T, under pressure from the White House, to pull out of a distribution deal with Huawei, meaning that Americans will only be able to use the Chinese company’s smartphones if they purchase them independently (almost 90% of smartphones […]

iPhone Battery Explodes After Man Bites It To Test Its Authenticity

Chinese man bites into replacement iPhone battery causing it to explode You may want to think twice before biting things that can explode, as a Chinese man who happened to bite a smartphone battery to test its authenticity got a nasty shock when it exploded. The ten-second video footage of the […]