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Google Chrome ditches Microsoft’s C++ compiler for Clang

Google Chrome replaces Microsoft’s C++ compiler with Clang While Google is already using the Clang compiler for iOS, macOS, Linux and Android versions of Chrome, the search giant has now started developing Chrome for Windows using the Clang compiler. Previously, the Windows version of Chrome was built using the Microsoft […]

Google Chrome to get AR with downloadable 3D objects

Google is working on bringing AR’s magic to Chrome with downloadable 3D objects Google recently unveiled its experimental efforts to integrate Augmented Reality (AR) features into the mobile and desktop web using its Chrome browser. The browser-based prototype version of AR called ‘Article’ is a 3D model viewer, which not […]

5 Free Chrome-Extensions for a Better Browsing Experience

Some useful extensions, that are worth trying Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash I’ve changed my browsers many times before, but at some point I stayed with Chrome, just for the convenience of having all my passwords synchronized with my mobile phone, for example. But I was also convinced by the wide […]

All you need to know about Progressive Web App

The officially unofficial PWA logo By now you must have heard this buzz word called “ Progressive Web App ”. Let me give you a simple definition about PWAs. Progressive Web Apps are Web Apps which combines the best features of Web and Native Apps. It is progressive because it is constantly […]

Microsoft employee installs Chrome during mid-presentation, as Edge kept crashing

Microsoft employee installs Chrome, after Edge freezed during mid-presentation No employee would want to be in the shoes of this Microsoft employee who was forced to switch to rival Google’s Chrome browser instead of the company’s Edge browser when the latter stopped working mid-way during presentation at the Microsoft’s Emerge […]