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Google Photos made a sad task easy and I’m grateful

I get it. Technology is consuming us. It’s turning our children into unhappy zombies, our social discourse into a swamp and may have helped Russia rig our elections. It’s also wonderful and often sublime. When my father-in-law passed away, we wanted to celebrate his memory with photos. Most of my digital […]

Cloud costs aren’t actually dropping dramatically

I’ve noticed a lot of buzz in the Silicon Valley about cloud costs “dropping dramatically.” Entrepreneurs, VCs, and the media write about this trend, claiming that it’s enabled a new wave of startups in fields like artificial intelligence and large scale data processing. Many editorials allege that new tech and […]

Why syncing to the “cloud” is not always the right solution.

Sometimes local storage is where it is at It seems like everyone today is building for the cloud, but they still want instant access to all of their information like their pictures and documents. The problem is, what happens when that internet, or more commonly referred to now as Wi-Fi data […]