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5 reasons why organizations are choosing nearshoring today

During the last decade, offshoring IT services has become an accepted solution for large and mid-sized enterprises, with the Asia-based outsourcing model dominating the scene. Even if offshore providers bring organizations significant cost savings, they also come with challenges ranging from time zone discrepancies to cultural differences and language barriers, […]

Meet The Company That Wants to Disrupt The $2 Trillion Parcel Delivery Industry

It has now been more than ten years since Uber was founded. The emergence of the transport giant disrupted the taxi industry more than any other company had accomplished either before or since. Despite the various controversies that continue to plague the brand’s reputation, estimates now put the value of […]

Meet COTI’s – The Company that wants to fix Blockchain Payments

Blockchain in financial solutions is the most popular implementation that the technology has experienced so far. Security, cost and efficiency of transaction are some of the areas that blockchain solutions have focused on improving in the financial solutions and remittances industry. Towards a cashless era At the global level, the […]

Microsoft and Amazon employees caught in sex trafficking scandal

Microsoft and Amazon employees involved in obtaining sex-services from trafficked sex-workers In a shocking revelation, tech giant Microsoft and e-commerce giant Amazon have been accused of being patrons of sex trafficking victims in the Silicon Valley, according to a report published recently by Newsweek. To obtain the emails, the publication made […]

Man threatens healthcare firm with cyber attacks for not hiring him

Man arrested for threatening to hack company unless firm fires female employee and hires him While there are many ways that one make himself or herself stand out to get hired at a company of his or her choice, but this Washington-based man chose to threaten a company to fire its […]

Context on why we started DataCamp

DataCamp’s mission is to help individuals and companies at every step of their journey to become data fluent by building the smartest data science education platform out there. This post aims to provide more context on why we started DataCamp at a macro level. In the first section of the post, […]

Apple could soon become the world’s only $1,000,000,000,000 company

Apple’s market capitalization could reach $1 trillion As Apple is getting closer to the trillion figure, the tech giant could soon become the world’s only $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) company. At the end of a day of trading on Wednesday, Apple’s stock closed at $175.88, making its current valuation above $900 […]