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Amazon’s Alexa Now in Cars

The Era of Conversational Interface in Automotive Industry is Arriving — at a Slow Pace Photo by Piotr Cichosz on Unsplash Amazon’s Alexa will now be integrated in cars; not just regular cars, but the mighty SEAT. Alexa’s capabilities keep evolving, which will be very beneficial to drivers using this popular voice service. SEAT drivers […]

How much UI do we really need?

The interaction between humans and machines is currently at its top, and we’re not even aware of what’s ahead of us. Still, even with the UI developing so quickly, we should take a moment to contemplate its effects. To be more precise — how much UI do we need on our phones, […]

Why you don’t need AI to build a chatbot

Artificial Intelligence, or more specific „Machine Learning“, was probably one of the most hyped topics in 2017. Technically, I totally understand that some time in the next 10 or 20 years, these technologies will change all our lifes, and therefore how we do business. Since it seems to be a […]

The rise of complex conversational interfaces

Turns out, we are just scratching the surface We are witnessing the emergence of a new type of conversational interfaces. You may be used to the idea of chatting with a Slack , where 10,000+ readers come every day to learn about the people & ideas shaping the products we love. Follow […]