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How history’s greatest battle helped me build my startup – Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 How to build your start-up ‘unfair’ advantage This post is part 2 (out of 2). In my previous post (part 1) we came to see how Alexander the Great had used creative thinking in order to beat the mighty Persian Empire and conquered the world against […]

Human-Centered Cyber Security

In our vastly interconnected world, we’re also massively vulnerable. Each device we wear and account we create is just another way for hackers to trick, exploit, and harm us — and they do. Cyber attacks occur constantly alongside decreasing costs and increasing sophistication, from teenagers at your local coffee shop to foreign […]

The Innovation of the Maker Movement

Why the Next Steve Jobs May be Today’s Tinkerer The Maker Movement is a growing cultural phenomenon led by innovative tech tinkers, creative designers, artists, science enthusiasts, creators, hobbyists, and inventors of all ages. The Maker Movement is the ultimate embodiment of innovation and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). […]

Problem-solving with Honest Abe: let’s sum all prime numbers up to n

Follow along as Honest Abe solves an intermediate algorithm challenge using the basic software development principles Back in the day, we called it math link Say the challenge is this: Sum all the prime numbers up to and including the provided number. A prime number is defined as a number greater than one […]

Who wants a frictionless future?

Who Wants a Frictionless Future? Morning rush hour in the frictionless future? John Martin, ‘The Seventh Plague of Egypt,’ 1823. Source: Wikimedia Commons It’s July 14, 2041. You wake with the gradual brightening of your bedroom lights, the shower already running at your preferred temperature. As you lather, you recount […]

Artificial Intelligence & The Tower Of Babel

Picture Source: Many Wonderful Artists via Creative Commons In the 1980’s there was a show called Knight Rider. It was incredibly cool. And the big star of this show — and a lot of due respect to David Hasslehoff here — was the car, KITT. A self-aware supercomputer in a groovy black trans-am. And a […]

We Are All Creatives: A Manifesto of Humanity in the Age of Automation

By recent estimates, something like 47% of jobs face the threat of being automated over the next 20 years. That means that what was once… Continue reading on Medium » Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the field for […]