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7 Ways eCommerce is Leveraging AI for a Better Customer Experience

Retailer spending on artificial intelligence will reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022, according to Juniper Research. The battle to outmaneuver the competition with data will heat up as retailers hunt for ways to improve the consumer buying experience. Sellers increasingly rely on the information provided by AI-powered demand forecasting. […]

Adventures in Big (mess of) Data: Tools for winning machine learning work through customer empathy

The Data Challenge Data has been compared to oil because it is the “fuel” for machine learning models. Much like an engine, an algorithm depends on a fuel delivery system and plenty of properly refined fuel to work. It will break down if the fuel is not properly refined (ever […]

IoT/IIoT Device Companies Are Making The ‘Smart Meter Mistake’.

During the three-people-in-a-room early days of running Power2Switch, we made a decision to take every customer call we received. It was easy in those early days, the calls came directly to my phone! As we grew and launched in several US states we maintained this culture but had only one […]

What You Need To Create Great Customer Journeys (With Tech).

There are some core capabilities required for any company that wants to elevate customer journeys and ensure the highest level of customer service/support. According to researchers at Harvard, these interconnected capabilities are Automation: this is the digitization of steps that were previously done manually. It is the ability to turn […]

Why is Artificial Intelligence so important in hotels?

Artificial intelligence is about technology that brings solutions to society in general. The term stands for the performance of intelligent behaviours by computers or machines. In essence we can say it is about computers, robots or machines performing tasks that traditionally require cognitive function to carry out. It is associated […]

How Design-Driven Innovation Will Surpass Technology in 2018

Photo by Dhruv Deshmukh on Unsplash Looking ahead with digital design When we think about innovation, most of us think about technology. The web is littered with articles about radical innovation pushed by technology, i.e. blockchain, machine learning and AI. There is no arguing that these are all highly interesting developments which […]