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DailyMotion Confirms Credential Stuffing Attack, Several Accounts Breached

DailyMotion is a popular video sharing platform that is used by millions of users. Recently, DailyMotion confirmed that it was the victim of a credential stuffing attack. So here’s everything you need to know about the credential stuffing attack on DailyMotion. ALSO READ: YouTuber Fits A Fully Functional Computer Into A Mouse DailyMotion […]

Threat Intelligence Platform on War Against Cybercriminals

Hackers and scammers have been extremely harsh on companies — readily exploiting any vulnerability they can with threats ranging from phishing to malware to DDoS and many more. So not surprisingly, 73% of attacks against organizations in 2017 were perpetrated by malicious outsiders. Of course, CEOs around the world are […]

10 Tips for Mitigating Cyber Risk in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is inherently a risky business. This is in terms of financing, labor, industry regulation and numerous other factors. However, the growing reliance on information technology including machine learning, robotics, the Internet of Things and big data, has made cybersecurity one of the industry’s biggest risk factors. The motivation for […]

Man threatens healthcare firm with cyber attacks for not hiring him

Man arrested for threatening to hack company unless firm fires female employee and hires him While there are many ways that one make himself or herself stand out to get hired at a company of his or her choice, but this Washington-based man chose to threaten a company to fire its […]