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Google’s recent Chrome update affected some macOS computers

Google Acknowledges Latest Chrome Update Damages macOS File System Google on Tuesday admitted that a recent Chrome update has impacted some macOS computers that is rendering them unable to boot. The issue was first discovered by film and TV editors across Los Angeles on Monday evening when their Mac Pro computers […]

Attackers Can Crash the Hard Drives Using Sonic Signals

Sonic and ultrasonic signals can be used by attackers to crash hard disk drives, OS Security researchers from the University of Michigan and Zhejiang University in China have published a new research paper that reveals the latest generation of hard drives are more vulnerable to sonic and ultrasonic signals (inaudible to human) and may […]

Overheating and fire hazards make HP recall over 50,000 computer batteries

HP recalls computer batteries worldwide for safety reasons Computer giant HP has announced a worldwide voluntary safety recall of over 50,000 lithium-ion batteries for its notebook computers and mobile workstations over the danger of fire and overheating. According to the recall, the issues came to HP’s attention after eight customers […]

New Versatile Android Malware Will Destroy Your Smartphone

Loapi: This malware is capable of destroying Android smartphones Security researchers from cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new strain of malware that targets Android smartphones and is capable of performing a plethora of malicious activities, from mining cryptocurrencies to launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and much […]

Facebook Admits Social Media Poses Mental Health Risk

Facebook: Social networks can be bad for our health Facebook, a multi-billion dollar social media company, has always been criticized for having a bad effect on one’s mind and on society. Now, the social media giant itself has admitted that using the platform can have a negative influence on people’s […]