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HSBC Bank in U.S. suffers data breach

HSBC confirms 1% of bank customers affected by the data breach HSBC Bank, one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, on Tuesday confirmed it suffered a data breach last month, which it believes affected less than 1% of its bank customers in the U.S. In […]

Yahoo agrees to pay $50M to users hit by biggest ever data breach

Yahoo agrees to pay $50 million in data-breach settlement and give affected users free credit monitoring services Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 million in data-breach settlement to 200 million victims of what is believed to be the biggest data breach ever. The company will also provide two years of […]

Facebook claims that Google and Twitter also collect users’ offline data

Facebook drags Google and Twitter into privacy scuffle Recently, it was revealed that data analysis firm, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook were involved in a privacy data scandal wherein the former illegally harvested up to 87 million Facebook users’ personal data without their knowledge and consent. Facebook allowed thousands of app […]

Will the Real “Year of the Data Breach” Please Stand Up?

My New Year’s Day ritual has been the same for nearly 10 years now: a late breakfast, a cup of strong coffee and a scan of security blogs and news for two things that always make me chuckle: cyber predictions for the new year, and a retrospective that declares the […]

1.4 Billion Clear Text Credentials Discovered in a Single Database

A Massive Resource for Cybercriminals Makes it Easy to Access Billions of Credentials. Now even unsophisticated and newbie hackers can access the largest trove ever of sensitive credentials in an underground community forum. Is the cyber crime epidemic about become an exponentially worse? While scanning the deep and dark web […]

Uber paid 20-year-old Florida hacker $100000 to keep data breach secret

Uber paid hackers to keep data breach secret, says sources Uber, the ride-hailing smartphone app, suffered a data breach last year in which over 57 million customers and 600,000 drivers had their personal information stolen by a 20-year-old hacker from Florida. Now, in a statement released on the 2016 attack, […]

Firefox will soon warn users when they visit a previously hacked website

Mozilla teams up with Have I Been Pwned on a data breach notification feature for Firefox Mozilla has collaborated with the website “Have I Been Pwned (HIBP)” to notify its Firefox browser users when they visit a website that has been data breached in the past. For those unaware, HIPB is a popular […]

Sen. Nelson to Equifax: You were not the victim, change company attitude

Sen. Nelson suggested a cybersecurity attitude adjustment if corporations hope to restore public trust in the wake of major breaches In opening today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing, “Protecting Consumers in the Era of Major Breaches,” Committee Chairman, Sen. John Thune said, “Our nation continues to face constantly evolving cyber threats to […]