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Design? Systems!

Design thinking and system design studio and scenario Nathan Felde, renowned professor of Design Systems, has been giving a class on this topic at CADM (College of Arts, Media and Design) in Northeastern University, Boston every year for almost 30 years. And every year he comes up with a new challenging […]

Hyperloop Interface. Around the World in a Minute.

An idea emerged back in the 20th century about a brand new mode of transport involving a magnetic pad to reduce friction. In 2012, when California was all about the California High-Speed Rail project, Elon Musk suggested Hyperloop. For several years now, the world’s best engineers have been working toward […]

The End of Web Forms

Web forms are annoying, inefficient and they fill people with dread. Does anybody actually like filling out web forms? Nevertheless, they are a “necessary evil” that can make or break some of the most critical online interactions. Web forms are still mostly based on old paper forms — zombie leftovers of system-centric […]

Will Robots Become Designers? 3 Tech Design Leaders Are Skeptical

Robots are taking over your job. That is, if you believe , Director of UX, Vice To have a future-proof career, designers need to master communication. Specific tools and platforms are continually evolving, but storytelling will always be at the core of what it means to design. If a designer can […]

Circular Economy — the future of Disruptive Design

With the Industrial Revolution, we set our eyes on the prize, that being money. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that we chose the most commercially viable method to the production-consumption equation — mass production. And over time, it gradually evolved to look something like this: Circular Economy — the future of […]

Together, Let’s Take Back the Streets

By Jim Hackett, President and CEO, Ford Motor Company Over the past century, the automobile turned out to be the ultimate disruptor to human’s lives and our civic way of life. In one of his earliest ads, Henry Ford declared that he wanted to open the highways for all humankind. That idea, […]

Messenger of the Future: Where They’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads.

Millions of people use messengers every day, but their place in the world of fully functional apps isn’t totally clear. One the one hand, they were created to enable communication without relying on operators like SMS, which had plenty of downsides. That’s why the first messengers were so popular. On the […]

Designing for the Human Body in XR

By Lauren Bedal For those of us working within design, we are seeing fundamental changes in our relationship with the digital world. One of these changes is the shift from mobile computing to spatial computing. With mobile computing, we have extreme portability yet we are confined to a certain amount of […]

You’re doing Mixed Reality wrong.

From a You’re doing Mixed Reality wrong. was originally published in Noteworthy — The Journal Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Powered by WPeMatico Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the […]