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What is DevOps? Everything you need to know about Devops

In the world of software engineering, DevOps is a brand new term. DevOps refers to a concept that has been created by the merger of two concepts: Development and Operations. DevOps is basically a practice that aims at integrating the process of software development and software operation. The DevOps movement […]

Receive Spring Boot exception alerts via email using Logstash

Receive Spring Boot errors alerts via email using Logstash When I was preparing one of my Spring Boot projects to go live, I faced with the problem how to get notified about the errors that might appear in the production environment. Based on my Android development experience I tried to […]

Ricky Figures It Out: DevOps (Deployment using Express, Postgres and Digital Ocean)

As this is my first Medium post, I will be 100% honest about how I don’t 100% understand each aspect of the deployment process, or even 80% of it… but I do know how to do it. This will be a walkthrough example of deploying a website built with Node.js, Express, […]

Deploying a Docker image to Artifactory with Self-Signed SSL Certificates

Artifactory is the top tool in the market for storing your binaries. It essentially provides you with as many private repositories for as many package types as you need. Setting up a Docker repository in Artifactory versions before 5.8 can be a bit of a pain if you don’t already […]

Announcing Procs, the Simple Process Management Library for Go

I’m a big fan of using processes in programs to implement functionality. There are often times existing programs that do the intended behavior and do it well. Unfortunately, integrating command line applications into other programs can be painful. There are times you want to expose output from the underlying commands, […]

How I allowed “hackers” to ssh into my server.

Sorry for this image! In my previous article ( THE OUTPUT How I allowed “hackers” to ssh into my server. was originally published in Hacker Noon on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a […]

How to create your first safe server that’s ready for production

In this tutorial, I will present some of the best practices to build your own first safe server. I’ll list the steps you’ll need to take to have a fully functional server that you can use in production for your app. Having a safe server doesn’t just rely on following some […]

The Contagious Platform

A healthcare IT team goes cloud-native. to talk to the people leading the world’s largest technological transformations — from challenges to trends, and insights to anecdotes. If you work in technology at any level, you’re going to want to hear from these innovators. Talks are hosted by The Contagious Platform was originally […]