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Why Embracing Digital Transformation is Saving Your Business

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash If there is anything philosophers could agree on when it comes to the question of life is the reality of change. Change in our own personal lives, but even more of a reality in business. Disruption caused by rapid changes in the market, competition, technology […]

Four Focus Areas to deliver AMAZING-Customer Experience using Digital Technologies BUSINESS CONTEXT: Now-a-days, enterprises are operating in an economy of disruption where customers are getting Amazing Experience. The Business Environment is disruptive where competition is coming from outside the industry as well. Technology is changing at an exponential pace. All of this is making an eco-system very challenging for […]

A Smarter London Together: Listening exercise for a new Smart London Plan

The following long read is a discussion paper drawn up by the Chief Digital Officer for London and the Smart London Board setting the scene for the development of a new Smart London plan, with a series of questions at the end. Submissions of evidence should be emailed to: […]

Chapter 1 — A Whole New World

Chapter 1 — A Whole New World Chapter 0 explored the context in which many businesses exist today. The deployment age¹ of information technology and the Internet has brought with it giant organisations, operating at unprecedented scale. Source: (Bloomberg, A16Z) Such organisations continue to look for areas of innovation and growth. For instance, […]

A step by step guide to digital transformation

Statoil is investing $12 million in digital education. Image: REUTERS/Ints Kalnins . A step by step guide to digital transformation was originally published in World Economic Forum on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology […]

Digital transformation: making it work

Digital transformation has had a significant impact on government, and other organisations in recent years. However, for large organisations, it is hard to find examples of where this transformation has yet gone beyond a few transformational digital services, and deep into the heart of the business. There is a simple […]

Connecting with the new generations of customers

The digital presence of companies is no longer enough, the market has changed again and now it´s time to adopt the form of the network. Photo: Toa Heftiba The Cluetrain Manifesto was right Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile access and online social experience shape the new communication environment of consumers. The trends, anticipated by The […]

What’s an Ingredient Brand? Only the Future of Retail

Illustration by Ana Vasquez Dying retail brands, disruptive entrants, and search-first shopping put a renewed emphasis on product differentiation. Retail brands are in crisis. So far in 2017, 19 of them in the U.S. have filed for bankruptcy protection. The list includes mall stalwarts The Limited, BCBG Max Azria, Gymboree, and […]