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7 Ways eCommerce is Leveraging AI for a Better Customer Experience

Retailer spending on artificial intelligence will reach $7.3 billion per year by 2022, according to Juniper Research. The battle to outmaneuver the competition with data will heat up as retailers hunt for ways to improve the consumer buying experience. Sellers increasingly rely on the information provided by AI-powered demand forecasting. […]

Tips on Using Gamification in Your Ecommerce Mobile App: Aliexpress Example

Adults enjoy playing just as kids do, especially if they can save some money in process. Retail applications provide lots of opportunities to enjoy games and challenges, and in exchange they get loyalty, higher retention rate, engagement and greater revenue. Gamification is a marketing strategy that works for many types […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Proper Promotion Management

Promotions done right can dramatically improve sales since up to half of all consumers make a purchase in response to a promotion. The hard part for e-commerce site managers is deciding what should be marked down and how to manage and advertise discounts. In this article, we’re going to lay […]

Lessons from submitting 500k images from Shopify stores to Google for indexing

We open up Pandora’s box for Shopify merchants I launched Image Sitemap for Shopify in December 2017. To date we have submitted over 500k images to Google Search on behalf of our customers—with those customers seeing an average of 648% increase in indexed images. I started with a hypothesis about […]

What used to cost millions in 2017, can now be solved with machine learning for $499/month

Photo by Marina Vitale on Unsplash Companies spend tens of millions of dollars each, every year, on trying to improve the likelihood their customers will engage with something, or buy something, by targeting the customer dynamically. Content personalization, ranking and recommendation are critical to so much of the digital economy, from […]

Building The Analytics Team At Wish Part 3— Scaling Data Analysis

The data infrastructure is only as useful as the people using it. In this section, we’ll talk about how to build an equally strong analyst team. Setting a Vision for the Team Analysts have the greatest potential when they maximize their ownership In the beginning, all we had time for on the […]

Kamelia Aryafar (Overstock) on Machine Learning in E-Commerce

This article is part of our ongoing series “Humans of AI”, consisting of interviews with AI experts and visionaries around the world. As you click through an e-commerce site like Amazon or Overstock, many of the features you interact with, from recommendations and search ranking to display advertisement selection, are driven […]

The End of the E-Commerce is around the corner

The End of the E-Commerce is just around the corner How Augmented Reality will change E-Commerce into A-Commerce There’s no doubt that Augmented Reality is the next big thing in the technology world. I’m not saying this because of being a Black Mirror fan, but because every other week there’s a […]

Make a massive, searchable online clothing store quickly with machine learning You don’t have time to be learning how to make machine learning models, you’re a busy entrepreneur! You need to get to a minimally viable product quickly, and solve some use cases for your customers. Thanks to the democratization of AI and machine learning, you might be able to […]