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Exploring emotion combinations using word2vec

In this blog post, we explore two sets of emotion combinations using word2vec. Specifically, one posited by Robert Plutchik in 1980 and the other popular media chart featured in using characters from Inside Out. We are limiting the scope to only dyads, i.e. the combination of two basic emotions […]

This humanoid wants to replace you…and why it can’t

Sophia Hanson is Elon Musk’s worst nightmare. Elon has been giving doomsday warnings that AI is “the greatest risk we face as a civilization.” Well, Sophia is an AI humanoid that can demonstrate up to 62 facial expressions, has cameras in her eyes to make eye contact, has voice recognition […]

How to Engineer Trust in the Age of Autonomy

An exploration of human-machine trust (image by Daryl Campbell, CCO, Sensum) In the ever-accelerating march of big data and AI, we are sharing increasingly detailed and personal data with our technology. Many of us already freely publish our thoughts, our current location, our app-usage stats… a raft of personal information, […]

Sensor Fusion: The Only Way to Measure True Emotion

Physiological (biometric) and contextual (environmental) data can be fused together to improve our understanding of the digital self. Artificial intelligence is learning to deal with our emotions. One of the major current developments in smart software and machines is that we are training them to understand our emotional states, in order […]

The Role of Human Emotions in the Future of Transport

The future of mobility is emotional. Getting from A to B is about to feel very different. A new era of connected mobility is emerging, transforming journeys into tailored experiences, designed around the individual preferences of each human undertaking them. With this development — especially the automation of driving — we see a series […]