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DeepFakes explained + Hottest girls on the net Part 1

How does the stunningly realistic face swap algorithm works? And how can we use it to find the hottest girls on the net? You may have already heard about DeepFake or if not then I’m sure you will hear about it very soon. Not so long ago a reddit user called deepfakes […]

The Best Personal Development Tools of 2017

The Best, 12/7/17 “Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” — Bruce Lee Today’s edition of The Best is brought to you by, by Carolyn Conger. If you love Michael Crichton’s books, especially Jurassic Park, then chances are you’ve read The Lost World. If you look at who […]

What Three Generations of Hospitality Engineers Have to Say About the Future

What Three Generations of Hospitality Engineers Have to Say About the Future A lot has been written about how the most popular apps and technology exploit our primal instincts. Clicks, likes, posts, and screen time appeal to our egos, addictions and vices. But in a world that is hungry for inspiration, the […]

Original Content podcast: Scary streaming recommendations for Halloween

 Halloween is just around the corner, and while there’s a lot to be said for partying or trick-or-treating, the best way to celebrate is by watching as many horror movies as you can. On this week’s Original Content podcast, Anthony Ha and guest host Brian Heater make their recommendations for […]

Watch a real rocket scientist figure out (and beat) carnival scams

 As a parent you often are forced by your tyrannical children to try carnival games. This, according to ex-NASA and JPL engineer Mark Rober, is a bad idea. Rober and his friends – including a professional baseball player – dismantle every carnival game they can find, assessing the probabilities of […]

Facebook finally adapts to 4K video

 If you’re sick of your beautiful videos looking crummy on Facebook, there’s good news for you. After some super HD videos started popping up on the social network, Facebook now confirms to TechCrunch it’s testing 4K video uploads and viewing using the 2160p UHD-1 Ultra-High-Definition Television standard. Read More Powered […]

The second episode of ‘Bubbleproof’ focuses on an investor left in the dark

 Bubbleproof is a mockumentary web series following Michael Fertik and David Cowan (as played by their real-life founder/VC counterparts) as they try to navigate a new venture. In this second episode, Fertik (founder of “Femto Management,” a company that takes micro management to an extreme) surprises his colleagues by announcing […]

Good Universe lands movie rights to ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s sexual harassment story

 Independent film production company Good Universe beat out three other bidders to land ‘Disruptors,’ the movie based on former Uber engineer Susan Fowler’s sexual harassment story. Fowler likely had no idea her blog post about her “One very, very strange year” dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination at Uber would […]

CBS renews ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ for a second season

 CBS seems to be happy with its bet on a new Star Trek series — the network just announced that it’s renewing Star Trek: Discovery for a second season. Discovery premiered on CBS, but subsequent episodes aired on the paid streaming service CBS All Access. The network says this led to […]