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Cryptocurrencies ‘Could Drop To Near-Zero Any Time,’ Warns Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin

Cryptocurrency not a sound long-term investment, cautions Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin More and more people are looking to invest in cryptocurrency, as it is currently seen as one of the best investment opportunity in the market. For instance, Bitcoin – the virtual currency also called as cryptocurrency –started off at […]

Setup your own private Proof-of-Authority Ethereum network with Geth

February 2018. Goal: step by step guide to help you setup a local private ethereum network using the Proof-of-Authority consensus engine (also named clique). In a nutshell: we will setup two nodes on the same machine, creating a peer-to-peer network on our localhost. In addition to the two nodes, a bootnode […]

Do Technical Indicators Really Work on Cryptocurrencies?

Photo by from Pexels TL;DR: Generally used technical indicator events do NOT appear to be good predictors of above average, or negative, returns for cryptocurrencies when utilizing daily prices and when used alone. In addition, in markets that have moved primarily upward, it is probably unwise to put too much […] Launch — Decentralized Robot Wars on the blockchain

Overview: What is Etherbots? Etherbots is a decentralized application hosted on the Ethereum network. It’s a Robot Wars inspired game where you collect parts and weapons, forge dynamic robots, and use them to battle others on the platform. Level up and discover rare parts by winning duels in the arena. […]

Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) — Let’s use the oil of the 21th century

Media are sure that data is the oil of the of the 21th century. But how can we unleash its power and make sure that we also get a piece of the cake? Decentralized Machine Learning (DML) is on a mission to make this happen. Status Quo Artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Etherbots overtakes CryptoKitties in Transaction Volume

Soon to be featured on our coding house wall. That sentence feels awesome — and a little crazy — to write. The public reaction to Etherbots has been unreal since our launch. Players have bought over 1100 robot crates. The discord is thriving with users already hooked on perk trees, legendary Etherbots they received, and […]

Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence

Human endeavor has always been to make life easier, faster and convenient with improved productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness towards the broader goal of solving our problems and fulfilling our needs or objectives. In the last two centuries, this endeavor has reached new peaks at exponential speeds. Take for example the […]

Make Yourself a Web Page Widget to Monitor Your Crypto Portfolio Value (Only Very Simple PHP /HTML…

Make Yourself a Web Page Widget to Monitor Your Crypto Portfolio Value (Only Very Simple PHP /HTML Skill Required) Photo is “Investment Growth” by Pictures of Money (Flickr, Creative Commons). This article is purposefully super-simplistic, but I was thinking that there are probably a lot of people out there who […]

AI for Business Consulting

AI for Business Understanding Artificial Intelligence A.I or Artificial Intelligence has been making a buzz in the media for quite some time now. Companies like Google (Alphabet), Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple etc are investing heavily in the field of AI. But what exactly are we referring to when we say AI? One […] — The Decentralized Crypto-Collectibles Game Ecosystem.

Initial Chest Opening has begun! Unlock chests, collect rare gear, forge new items, and trade millions of items on the marketplace. What is EtherWarfare is the decentralized, crypto-collectibles game that runs on the ethereum blockchain. The ultimate virtual items ecosystem: Unlock chests, collect loot (from millions of possible items), […]