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Facebook’s co-founder Chris Hughes calls for break-up of the company

It’s time to break up Facebook, says company’s co-founder Chris Hughes Chris Hughes, one of the co-founders of Facebook, has called for the social network to be broken up. He joins U.S. lawmakers who have requested anti-trust action to divide big tech companies as well as federal privacy regulation. In […]

Facebook admits storing “millions” of Instagram passwords in plain text

Facebook exposed “millions” of Instagram passwords in plain text In yet another shocking admission by Facebook, the company said that not “tens of thousands” but “millions” of Instagram users were actually affected by the password leak that happened last month. Back then, Facebook had announced in a blog post dated […]

Data of hundreds of millions of Facebook users found on Amazon cloud servers

Hundreds of millions of Facebook user data exposed on Amazon public servers In yet another security breach, millions of Facebook records were left exposed on the publicly accessible Amazon’s cloud servers. Researchers at UpGuard, a cybersecurity firm, found two separate sets of Facebook user data posted publicly on Amazon’s cloud […]

Facebook asking new users for their email passwords for using the site

Facebook caught asking some new users for passwords to their email accounts Some new Facebook users were taken aback when they were greeted with a page asking them to hand over the passwords to their personal email accounts as part of the signing-up process. The issue was first noticed by […]

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls for stronger regulation of internet

Mark Zuckerberg calls for new global regulations to help control internet content Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday in an opinion piece for The Washington Post said that governments and regulators needed to take up “a more active role” in regulating the internet worldwide. “Technology is a major part […]

FB’s new settings make it easier for hackers to pentest its mobile-owned apps

Facebook introduces “Whitehat Settings” feature to help bug hunters analyze traffic in its mobile apps Facebook last week added a new “Whitehat Settings” feature that allows bug hunters to easily pentest the security of Facebook, Messenger and Instagram applications for Android. This feature allows security researchers to bypass Facebook’s Certificate […]

Man steals over $122 million from Facebook and Google by sending fake invoices

Man tricks Facebook and Google into paying him fake invoices worth $122 million A Lithuanian man scammed Facebook and Google into paying over more than US$122 million just by sending them random fake invoices. Evaldas Rimasauskas, a 50-year-old Lithuanian citizen, who plead guilty in New York’s Southern District Court last […]

Facebook stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of passwords in plain text for up to 7 years

Facebook acknowledges stored plain text user passwords were visible to employees Facebook has never been short of controversies when it comes to privacy and security. In yet another security slip, the social media giant on Thursday admitted that the company had stored millions of passwords in plain text on its […]

Facebook secretly adds a new ‘Dark Mode’ theme to its Messenger app

How to enable the secretly hidden ‘Dark Mode’ added in Facebook Messenger app Last year, Facebook had announced a ‘Dark Mode’ for its Messenger app at the F8 annual developer conference. Back then, the social media giant said that the feature would be coming “very, very soon.” Facebook had even […]

Facebook to launch its ‘Clear History’ feature later this year

Facebook ‘Clear History’ Tool Coming In 2019 After a long wait, Facebook is finally set to introduce the ‘Clear History’ feature that will allow users to clear their browsing history collected by Facebook from third-party websites and apps. “Broadly, (clear history is) going to give us some headwinds in terms […]