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Wattup Wireless charging technology gets FCC Certification

Energous Gets FCC Certification for WattUp Wireless Charging Technology After three years of debut of Energous’ wireless “power at a distance” charging system, it has now approved by the Federal Communications commission (FCC). FCC has approved this new type of charger, Wattup Mid Field transmitter, for the first time. This […]

Ajit Pai is Lying

Trump’s FCC Chair Sells a Fake History of the Internet Trump’s FCC Chair Ajit Pai is not telling the truth. He isn’t simply making a sincere argument for free markets as the source of innovation — an argument that falls apart under scrutiny anyway. He’s selling a phony history of the Internet where Net Neutrality […]

Exploiting Tiered Internet to Assure Net Neutrality

An example of routing data through apps like Skype There’s lots of discussion around decentralizing the Internet, from blockchain to DIY mesh WiFi. But what about the average US Internet user that only has one ISP choice like Comcast? It takes a long time and lots of upkeep to build new networks, […]

Rural Broadband: The Red Herring of Net Neutrality

Even at my house in rural PA, we can get 1 Gigabit Broadband Back in 2014, the FCC outlined the 3 simple rules for an open internet. These rules protected the internet from broadband providers, who control your network connectivity to services. Whether you’re playing Xbox, streaming Stranger Things, listening […]