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Microsoft to buy GitHub for $7.5 billion in an all-stock deal

Confirmed: Microsoft will acquire GitHub for $7.5 billion We had reported recently that Microsoft is in serious talks of acquiring GitHub, the largest source-code repository in the world. In an announcement made in a blog post on Monday, Microsoft has now officially confirmed that it would buy privately held coding […]

Microsoft in talks to buy GitHub, valued at $2 billion

Microsoft could soon acquire code-repository GitHub at a price of around $5 billion Microsoft, the software giant, is reportedly in serious talks of acquiring GitHub, the largest source-code repository in the world, reports Business Insider. For those unaware, GitHub, is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that allows […]

GitHub Marketplace is allowing developers to upload apps for free

Developers can now upload apps to the Github Marketplace for free GitHub, a source code management platform, is celebrating first anniversary of its GitHub Marketplace, a developer-focused app store, by opening the marketplace to more developers. It is allowing anyone to list their app along with a free product on […]

Apple’s iOS iBoot Source Code For iPhone Leaked Online

Apple’s iPhone source code anonymously posted on GitHub Apple source code for iBoot, the part of iOS that ensures an authenticated boot, or initial loading of the operating system on iPhone or iPad, has been leaked by an anonymous user on GitHub, a popular online platform for software developers. Apparently, […]

Developer Resources: Awesome Lists

The Awesome List GitHub Badge This article is about one of my favourite kinds of resources for developers — awesome lists. This is not a generic term (at least not in this context). Awesome lists are curated lists of awesome projects and resources concerning a topic, a programming language, a technology, etc. These […]

How To Create Data Products That Are Magical Using Sequence-to-Sequence Models

A tutorial on how to summarize text and generate features from Github Issues using deep learning with Keras and TensorFlow. By Hamel Husain Teaser: Training a model to summarize Github Issues Predictions are in the rectangular boxes. The above results are randomly selected elements of a holdout set. Keep reading below, there […]

Open Source — Toast UI Editor

An Open Source Markdown WYSIWYG Editor Toast UI Editor Markdown Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is commonly used to format readme files, and to create rich text using a plain text editor. If you’re unfamiliar with Markdown, check out GitHub’s Mastering Markdown. If you’ve spent […]

An open source search engine that works offline — OpenGenus Quark

An open source search engine that works offline There is no internet It is true that without Internet we cannot search for implementation of algorithms or data-structure and thus, learning comes to a stop. With the beginning of 2018, we have with us a new open-source search engine that works offline! Yes, you can […]