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Productizing ML Models with Dataflow

Source (PublicDomainPicture): One of the key challenges I’ve faced in my data science career is translating findings from exploratory analysis into scalable models that can power products. In the game industry, I built several predictive models for identifying player churn, but it was always a struggle to get these […]

Troubleshooting GCP + CUDA/NVIDIA + Docker and Keeping it Running!

I had a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) instance which was all setup well and running fine a day ago, which was set up following my previous tutorial. What’s After Setting up a GCP Computing Instance? Running a Custom Docker Container with Tensorflow Let me tell you a bit about the […]

How to move from tf.contrib.learn Estimator to core Tensorflow tf.Estimator

I have a bunch of machine learning models built using the “original” Estimator API, the one in tf.contrib.learn. In Tensorflow 1.2, parts of it moved to core and in Tensorflow 1.4, the remaining pieces I need finally arrived in core Tensorflow. So, time for me to begin the process of […]

Build a Taylor Swift detector with the TensorFlow Object Detection API, ML Engine, and Swift

Note: as of this writing there is no official TensorFlow library for Swift, I used Swift to build the client app for prediction requests against my model. This may change in the future, but Taylor has the final say on that. Here’s what we’re building: The TensorFlow Object Detection API demos […]

AWS continues to rule the cloud infrastructure market

 AWS’s domination of the Infrastructure as a Service market continues unabated this quarter. Yes, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and others continue to grow much faster than AWS, but that has not had a significant impact on AWS’s command over the IaaS market. For starters, AWS had a monster quarter posting $4.57 […]