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Top tech trends to watch in 2018

What we are excited about working on at Marino Software this year Illustration by Patricia Herrero, designer at Marino Software Our team at Marino Software talks about trends, technologies and processes we are looking forward to working on this year. From conversational interfaces, biometrics, design sprints, to augmented reality and iBeacons… It’s meant […]

I’m starting to think this smart speaker thing is going to be big

And how listening to Subcast seamlessly between your apps and Alexa is easy, and kinda magical. Do you remember trying to explain to a flip phone user why they should get a smart phone? I distinctly remember trying to tell my brother how having Google maps on your phone means that […]

Using machine learning to build a conversational radiology assistant for Google Home

Introduction I have been excited about conversational agents for some time, previously building an iOS chatbot simulating a human radiologist powered by Watson. As a delightful weekend project, I sat down with my glorious corgi and lots of coffee and built a radiology assistant for Google Home. It is designed to […]

How to Access and Manage Your Voice Command Data

The past few years have been huge for voice-activated command services. It seems like every major tech manufacturer has one on the market. Whether you’re using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Microsoft Cortana, it’s hard to ignore the hands-free revolution. But how secure are your communications? Are your commands […]

“OK Google,” What Are the Problems with Speech Recognition Technology?

How Amazon and Google’s big bets on the smart speaker market affect their customers’ privacy Google Home units on display during CES 2018. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Speech recognition technology and the voice user interfaces (VUIs) we use to engage with it have gotten so good that they now […]

How VUIs Change Our Lives

Voice user interface, a great step in mobile-first to AI-first transition This post was originally written on my personal blog, A couple days ago Google published the 2017 summary of their voice-first solutions: Google Home (hardware) and Google Assistant (software). And it seems that the new way of how […]

Laziness is Why I Started Developing for Actions on Google

Two Reasons Why You Should Develop Actions on Google A few years ago, I got a phone call from a friend from New-York. He said, “Drop everything you’re doing, and start developing apps for the iPhone.” I protested, skeptical if I had the patience to develop in language like Objective-C. He responded: […]

Touchscreen Google Home device evidence spied in official app code

 There’s now more evidence Google is testing a touchscreen Home device. AndroidPolice points to sections of code of the latest Google app that refers to a device that sports a new on-screen interface. The APK teardown of 7.14.15 beta version revealed a long list of on-screen menus and functions that […]