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Why I Like Whiteboard Interviews (and you should too) Whiteboard interviews get a lot of negative press for being ‘unfair’ or ‘not real-world scenarios’. They put candidates on the spot, away from their comfort zones. Countless articles, comments, posts, and tweets declare the irrationality of the process. The thing is, this is the point. The whiteboard phase usually occurs […]

The Essential Guide to Take-home Coding Challenges

Introduction Hi, I’m Jane. I wrote this guide because I want to help others with non-traditional backgrounds succeed on take-home coding challenges. Please read it, take notes, apply the material, and let me know about your results. You can reach me via email at This guide is intended for […]

How to tackle your Web developer interview Q&A: what does a doctype do?

Photo by Jingyi Wang on Unsplash One part of the interview process for a web developer position probably involves answering some questions. Yes, we are not only expected to do the web stuff, but we are also expected to know the web stuff. I am very capable of writing an HTML document, […]

How to land your embedded software dream job

Guides on preparing for software interviews are aplenty. Embedded software interviews are somewhat similar, but it’s still a different game you have to play. There is some helpful material on the Internet and some content for software interview prep does carry over. But in general, I wasn’t able to find a […]

You don’t need to know “Dependency Injection”

I’ve recently been party to an interview for a front-end position where a colleague asked the candidate — “What do you know about Dependency Injection?”. I had a feeling this may have been a “gotcha” question, but at the time couldn’t quite articulate why. We’ve since had some time to discuss and […]