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The latest Android App Bundle updates including the additional languages API

Posted by Wojtek Kaliciński, Developer Advocate, Android Last year, we launched Android App Bundles and Google Play’s Dynamic Delivery to introduce modular development, reduce app size and streamline the release process. Since then, we’ve seen developers quickly adopt this new app model in over 60,000 production apps. We’ve been excited […]

More on the Importance of Precision in Language

Thank You Andrea Sonda and Unsplash for another gorgeous photo “Many of us in the Deep Learning community know that the major models of Deep Learning, i.e. Convolutional Neural Nets, LSTM Recurrent Neural Nets or Neural networks in general have existed since the 90s. It is now that we have the […]

The Language Of Analytics

It Is Not The Same As Coding And Requires Immersion Analytics is often confused with coding. While they often rely on each other, they are not the same. This article will walk through some of the major differences and better comparisons. Having A Conversation I don’t care how many “conversations” […]

Here’s To Fat Fingers

I was watching this VS Code release highlights video from Brian Clark this morning, and he shows a very interesting feature at about 1:16… When I saw this, I IMMEDIATELY thought of a tweet from Raymond Camden that I know I’ve seen on more than one occasion. Once again I […]

AI Has a PR Problem

Some thoughts on social perception and reframing. A million years ago, lightning struck a forest and filled it with light and heat, destroying it. The local tribe of Homo Erectus found that the plants and animals in the remains of forest had been magically transformed. Some years later, a particularly […]

Blue Canoe takes on language learning with a focus on pronunciation

 If you want to pick up a new language, there’s no shortage of options. But one aspect of the process that has been neglected is pronunciation, which is especially important for professionals. Online, learning pronunciation is generally “hear a recording, then repeat it.” Blue Canoe uses an established curriculum and […]