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Malware found in CamScanner app, remove it from your phone now!

Beware! Malicious Code Found In CamScanner Android App With More Than 100 Million Downloads Security researchers from antivirus company, Kaspersky Lab recently discovered a malware in an Android app that is capable of downloading malicious files on infected devices. The affected app is called CamScanner, which has more than 100 […]

Reason Cybersecurity Review: Antivirus for Privacy and Malware

The long list of security breaches and incidences that transpired over the past few years just shows that both big organizations as well as normal internet users are exposed.  In other words, everyone is vulnerable.  As ordinary computer users, we might not be facing the same scale and intensity of […]

Israeli firm can steal your private data from Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon

Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon are vulnerable to malware from an Israeli firm Israel-based cybersecurity company, NSO Group has developed a surveillance tool that can obtain user data from Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft servers, according to The Financial Times. NSO Group, whose software product was used to hack […]

New Silex malware is bricking IoT devices across the globe

Security researchers spot Silex malware targeting thousands of IoT devices A new strain of malware called Silex bricked over 2,000 IoT devices in just three-four hours of its operation on Tuesday, according to a report from ZDNet. The attacks are only expected to increase in the coming days as they are […]

Google confirms some Android devices came preinstalled with Backdoor

Triada backdoors were preinstalled on few Android devices, Google reveals Google recently confirmed that some Android handsets were unknowingly infected with malware by smartphone manufactures even before they were shipped to customers. In a detailed study post, Google has explained how some hackers cleverly managed to put Triada, a malware designed […]

The World’s Most Destructive Laptop Running 6 Malware Is Up For Auction

A laptop with 6 of the deadliest malware threats ever is selling for $1,200,749 Did you know that a laptop infected with six of the deadliest malware ever found on the Internet is selling for $1,200,749? Yes, you have heard it right! The laptop in question is an air-gapped Samsung […]

Hackers hiding malware in ‘Games of Thrones’ latest episodes, reports security firm

Cybercriminals using latest ‘Games of Thrones’ season to distribute malware The final season of the hugely popular fantasy series, Games of Thrones (GoT) is set to premiere on April 14. Fans of Games of Thrones have been eagerly waiting for the eight-episode eighth season of the series to be aired […]

The Pirate Bay Users Hit By Russian doll ‘PirateMatryoshka’ malware

Russian doll ‘PirateMatryoshka’ malware target Pirate Bay users Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new malware spreading through The Pirate Bay (TPB) page – the most popular torrent tracker. The malware, which has a multi-layered structure, aims to infect users’ computers with advertising programs and tools to spread malware onto the […]

North Korean hackers get access to Chile’s ATM after employee falls for fake job interview over Skype

Employee tricked into giving North Korean hackers access to Chile’s ATM over fake Skype job interview North Korean hackers fooled a Redbanc employee into a fake job interview over Skype and then tricked him into downloading malware onto his work computer to get access to the company’s interbank network, according to […]

Combating Potentially Harmful Applications with Machine Learning at Google: Datasets and Models

Posted by Mo Yu, Android Security & Privacy Team In a previous blog post, we talked about using machine learning to combat Potentially Harmful Applications (PHAs). This blog post covers how Google uses machine learning techniques to detect and classify PHAs. We’ll discuss the challenges in the PHA detection space, […]