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How to Manage Logs Files Effectively

Information systems and software applications create logs that document events by time stamping activities like log generation, assessment, transmission, storage, archive and removal of communicated data. Because of the massive amount of logs created daily, it is vital to manage logs files for proficiency, security and regulatory and compliance. Using […]

Netflix’s new ‘Smart Downloads’ feature to save storage space on Android

Netflix’s ‘Smart Downloads’ Make Offline Binge-Watching Much Easier Netflix, the popular streaming video provider, has just announced a new “Smart Downloads” feature, which will automatically delete downloaded episodes that have already been viewed and will start downloading the next one in the series when the device is connected to Wi-Fi. […]

What is DevOps? Everything you need to know about Devops

In the world of software engineering, DevOps is a brand new term. DevOps refers to a concept that has been created by the merger of two concepts: Development and Operations. DevOps is basically a practice that aims at integrating the process of software development and software operation. The DevOps movement […]