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10 Engaging Facts About Chatbots

The rise of the chatbots continues. Move fast so your business isn’t left behind. Every day, more people are discovering the many benefits of chatbots. They’re easy to use. They save your customers’ time. They’ve got personality. In fact, many people prefer to interact with brands and businesses via chat or messaging — and […]

Can a Chatbot grow Your business in 2018? 7 Critical points You need to know!

Chatbots. Maybe you’ve heard about them. Maybe you haven’t. It’s 2018, if nothing changes in your marketing strategy, your results will stay the same. Nothing will change. You need a new marketing tool if you want to grow your business because everybody’s doing the same things and you need to differentiate yourself. […]

There’s Always A Pattern: Using The Emergent Story Arc To Win The Brand War

The deep human story of the candies we eat. (Image by me. If you’d like to use it, please attribute to Jasmine Bina.) Every brand has a chance to bend the consumer path away from competitors and toward itself. This is how. Stories change a lot more than we realize. Between decades and […]

The Machines That Make Us More Human

Can Technology Make Us More Human? The discussion about cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and the impact these technologies will have on our daily lives will likely continue to make headlines for years to come. This, however, is not an article about machine learning. Rather, it’s about something that isn’t examined with […]

Connecting with the new generations of customers

The digital presence of companies is no longer enough, the market has changed again and now it´s time to adopt the form of the network. Photo: Toa Heftiba The Cluetrain Manifesto was right Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile access and online social experience shape the new communication environment of consumers. The trends, anticipated by The […]