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These are the top 10 highest-paying jobs at Google

Let’s have a look at the 10 best highest jobs at Google The technology industry is widely considered one of the best-paying industry in the world, as there is an exceptional demand for people with technical skills. Google, which is basically an engineering firm is are ready to pay the […]

How to Use Social Media Effectively as a Small Business

Social media is an excellent tool for marketing certain businesses, but for others it is an inefficient time drain they wish to avoid. The smaller the business, the more difficult a time they have dealing with both monitoring social media and posting to it because they have fewer personnel resources. […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Online Privacy

We are living in remarkable times. We can make pictures of places and people we like by pressing a button on our phones; shop from our homes for literally anything from needles to cars; reach hundreds of thousands of people through social and blogging platforms, and consume information on any […]

The New Neural Internet is Coming

And it looks pretty scary from here How it all began / The Landscape Generative Adversarial Networks progress Think of the typical and well-studied neural networks (such as image classifier) as a left hemisphere of the neural network technology. With this in mind, it is easy to understand what is Generative Adversarial […]

9 Udemy Courses on Data and Website Analytics in 2018

Artist: Tony Babel There are so many courses available on Udemy so it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Sometimes telling the difference between good or bad is not a simple task. Efficient learning often correlates with practical training. The world of data and analytics is a good example. Before jumping into the […]

Hook your next fish — how to write the perfect data science white paper

Peter Sellars as Dr Strangelove, emphasing the importance of publicising a successful project. ‘The whole point of the [project] is lost if you keep it a secret. Why didn’t you tell the world, eh?’ — Dr. Strangelove, 1964. One of the best things about doing exciting work is telling other people about […]

11 Interesting Examples of How to Use Chatbots

Chatbots can schedule meetings, tell you the weather, and provide customer support. And that’s just the beginning. Want to order pizza, schedule a meeting, or even find your true love? There’s a chatbot for that. Just as apps once were the hot new thing that would solve whatever problem you had back […]

This Super Bowl Sunday, Alexa Will Call Alexa. Nothing Will Happen. You Will Still Laugh.

Whether you have an Amazon Echo at home or not. Picture by James Duncan Davidson ( Creative Commons 2.0 Licence) I have a voice-activated keychain. Love its utility- until one weekend when I was coughing and it wouldn’t stop. I pressed it deep between the mattress and the box spring. Much to […]

There’s Always A Pattern: Using The Emergent Story Arc To Win The Brand War

The deep human story of the candies we eat. (Image by me. If you’d like to use it, please attribute to Jasmine Bina.) Every brand has a chance to bend the consumer path away from competitors and toward itself. This is how. Stories change a lot more than we realize. Between decades and […]