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Microsoft wants you to stop using Internet Explorer

Microsoft is urging its users to stop using Internet Explorer Microsoft in a blog post has begged its users to not use Internet Explorer (IE) as a main or primary web browser, as it is a ‘compatibility solution’ for enterprise customers to deal with legacy websites. “We’re not supporting new […]

Microsoft releases Windows Template Studio 3.0 – here’s what’s new

Microsoft’s Windows Template Studio 3.0 released! Microsoft yesterday released its version 3.0 of Windows Template Studio, which is its first major update since version 2.0 was released in April last year. For those unaware, launched in 2017, Windows Template Studio is kind of replacement for the Windows App Studio and the […]

Microsoft issues warning about Windows 10 update

Future Windows 10 updates to eat up more storage space on your computer Microsoft in a blog post announced that future Windows 10 OS updates will now utilize more of your computer’s storage space in addition to the regular storage space reserved for the OS. The company is taking measures […]

Windows Media Player feature getting retired from Windows 7

As Windows 7 extended support came to an end this year, the developers started retiring the services for Windows 7 in particular. We are talking about the removal of Windows media player feature from Windows 7 and in fact Windows Media Center from Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. As stated […]

Microsoft Office 365 Is Now Available On Apple’s Mac App Store

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most feature-rich office suite that is used by millions of users. The Microsoft Office 365 consists of many useful tools like Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Well, the Microsoft’s Office 365 suite is now finally available on the Mac App Store. So here’s […]

Microsoft announces end of support for Windows 10 Mobile devices

Microsoft to officially stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile platform from December 2019 Microsoft recently published a support page where it announced that the company will be ending support for Windows Phone 10 mobile devices on December 10, 2019. “Windows 10 Mobile, version 1709 (released October 2017) is the last release […]

Microsoft India to set up 10 AI labs, train 5 lakh youths in the country

Microsoft to set up 10 AI labs, train 5 lakh youths and upskill 10,000 Indian developers Microsoft India on Wednesday announced its plans to set up Artificial Intelligence labs (AI) in 10 universities in the country in the next three years. The company also plans to upskill over 10,000 developers to bridge the […]

Microsoft is reportedly building a Chromium-based browser to replace EdgeHTML

Microsoft is looking to replace EdgeHTML with a Chromium-based browser Microsoft had launched its built-in web browser ‘Edge’ to replace the much-maligned ‘Internet Explorer’ as the default browser on Windows 10. However, Microsoft Edge has not able to see success or gain popularity since its debut in 2015. As a result, Microsoft […]

YouTuber makes Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller work on the Nintendo Switch

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller Can Be Used On The Nintendo Switch There is good news for disabled gamers! A YouTuber has come up with a workaround to get Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller work on the Nintendo’s Switch console. For those unaware, Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC) is a video game controller designed […]

Microsoft’s Sticky Notes To Add Support For Images

Microsoft teases new Sticky Notes feature that supports images Microsoft’s Sticky Notes, which is the handiest feature for writing down tasks and notes, has been getting a lot of attention since the major overhaul of the app with version 3.0. Now, Microsoft’s Jen Gentleman has teased a new feature that […]