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A Place for Secrets

TL;DR: The ability to program 3D objects and rooms in mixed reality will usher in a golden age for encryption, from “mixed-medium” algorithms to stacked-authentication schemes. Mixed reality will allow quantum proof data sharing with both forward and backward secrecy, and this will mitigate many of the negative effects of […]

The future of Mixed Reality Marketplace

IMAGE : MICROSOFT The development of the digital market from buying big softwares to android applications, OS applications to now Alexa skills has been ever spreading and it largely grew with the development of the technology and its usage among the common population. But in no time these market places called […]

A look back at Bigscreen’s 2017 updates

Reflecting on the amazing work we accomplished this past year, and a glimpse at what’s coming next In 2017, we shipped dozens of major product updates that make Bigscreen feel more polished, useful, stable, and powerful. We raised $14 million in investment from some of the best investors in Silicon Valley. […]

Driverless Van Homes: Comfort, Freedom & Below $0 Living Costs — Part 2

How to shape a compelling housing alternative to bring freedom to millions and crash demand for the speculative housing market Part One: State of the global housing crisis and proposed solutions Part Two: Driverless van homes solution with drone deliveries #VanLife + #TinyHouse: Comfort & Freedom In response to rising rents and […]

Give the Gift of AR This Holiday Season with These 12 Newbie-Friendly Ideas

Lenovo/: Marvel and The Black-Eyed Peas have assembled an all-star cast of thespians and hip-hop artists to provide the voices for this AR-powered graphic novel. The companion iOS and Android apps bring the panels to life, complete with narration from Stan Lee. This one dropped on Nov. 24 (aka Black […]

How Immersive Sound Brings Mixed Reality to Life

Building believable virtual environments is about creating multi-sensory experiences, and spatial audio technlogy is bringing us a step closer to that. It took me a second to pinpoint the strangely familiar noise coming from the corner of the room, but then I saw the red plush toy perched on top of […]

Bigscreen user goes hands on with Samsung’s new ‘Odyssey’ VR headset

Microsoft’s new Windows Mixed Reality platform launched earlier this month with the release of the Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update — and the new “Mixed Reality” headsets from device makers including Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo and Samsung that have begun to ship alongside it. Bigscreen will be available for Windows Mixed Reality soon. […]

You’re doing Mixed Reality wrong.

From a You’re doing Mixed Reality wrong. was originally published in Noteworthy — The Journal Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Powered by WPeMatico Please follow and like us:0GurupriyanGurupriyan is a Software Engineer and a technology enthusiast, he’s been working on the […]