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Nintendo wants GitHub to remove the popular Game Boy Advance emulator

GitHub responds to Nintendo’s request by shutting down Game Boy Advance emulator Last week, Nintendo, the Japanese gaming company behind the popular game like Nintendo Switch, filed and sent a DMCA notice to GitHub to shut down a JavaScript-based emulator hosted on the developer platform that allowed users to access […]

Nintendo Banning Players Who Hacked Their Switches From Using Online Services

Nintendo Resorts To Online Ban On Switch Console of Hackers There is no doubt that hackers have a particular liking when it comes to hacking Nintendo Switch. The gaming console in the past has not only been hacked to play homebrew games and ROMs, run Debian Linux, but also has […]

‘Unpatchable’, Nintendo Switch Hacked, Hack Tool Released Publicly

Nintendo Switch Hacked, Cannot Be Patched By Nintendo Hackers have a particular liking when it comes to hacking Nintendo Switch. The console has been hacked following a complete dump of the Nintendo Switch’s boot ROM, with two very similar exploits of the console being released that take advantage of a […]

Nintendo Switch hacked to run Debian Linux

Hackers run Linux on Nintendo Switch, claim exploit cannot be patched Hackers have a particular liking when it comes to hacking Nintendo consoles, be it the Wii, DS, or 3DS. Not making it easier for Nintendo, now a hacker group named ‘fail0verflow’ has successfully managed to run Debian Linux on […]

Google looking to foray into the video games market with a new streaming platform

Google’s Rumored ‘Yeti’ Gaming Console Project Could Take On Xbox, PlayStation, And Steam Moving beyond its original claim to fame as a search engine, Google has also made its presence felt in fields like robotics, mapping, video broadcasting, telecommunications, advertising, and much more. Now, the search giant is looking to […]

The obviousness of Nintendo Labo The obviousness of Nintendo Labo Damn, Nintendo are at it again. It’s like if they started by trying to build a clone of Google Cardboard where the Switch takes the place of the phone, but then instead of making a VR headset they just made literally anything that isn’t a headset. So, […]

Nintendo Switch overtakes iPhone X to become TIME’s best gadget of 2017

Xbox One X, iPhone X, and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop feature in Time Magazine’s “Top 10 Gadgets of 2017” list Like every year, this year too TIME Magazine has published its list of Top 10 gadgets of 2017. Surprising everyone at the top spot was Nintendo Switch, the latest hybrid console manufactured […]

Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece of twists and turns

 It’s almost unnerving how good Nintendo is at its job — at least, when the wizards there choose to apply themselves. Super Mario Odyssey is a embarrassment of riches, never failing to surprise for hours and hours and maintaining an unflaggingly positive feeling the entire time. It’s an essential for […]

This Nintendo Switch dock packs a built-in projector for big screen anywhere

 The Nintendo Switch is probably the best mobile gaming console ever created, but it’s still not great at going from playing on the go to big screen console experience when you’re not at home. A new dock accessory created by a company called YesOJO aims to change that, giving Switch […]