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5 Best GitHub Alternatives To Host Open Source Projects

Not happy with Github being acquired by Microsoft? Here are the best 5 GitHub alternatives GitHub, the largest source-code repository in the world, has been in news lately. Thanks to Microsoft who recently announced that it would purchase the hosted Git (version control system) service GitHub Inc. for $7.5 billion […]

IBM introduces open-source library for protecting AI systems

IBM’s new AI toolbox secures AI from adversarial attacks IBM released an open-source software library meant to help developers and researchers to protect AI systems including Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) against adversarial attacks. DNNs are complex machine learning models that has certain similarity with the interconnected neurons in the human […]

Alphabet-owned Jigsaw releases free VPN software ‘Outline’

Google’s sibling Jigsaw launches ‘Outline’, a secure VPN for news organizations and journalists Jigsaw, Google’s sister company, and Alphabet-owned tech incubator outfit has released a secure open-source VPN (Virtual Private Network) for news organizations so that they can safely access the open internet from anywhere and ensure the privacy of their […]

Google open-sources AI-based portrait camera technology in Pixel 2 devices

Google makes the AI technology behind Pixel’s Portrait Mode available as an open-source tool Google’s Pixel 2 handsets has reportedly impressed one and all with its camera capabilities by delivering best imaging experiences from a smartphone. The remarkable thing on the Pixel 2 phone is the stunning “Portrait Mode”, which is […]

How to set up Kubernetes on Windows 10 with Docker for Windows and run ASP.NET Core

Docker for Windows is really coming along nicely. They have both a Stable and Edge channel and the Edge (beta, experimental) one just included a lovely new feature – Kubernetes support. Per their docs, Kubernetes is only available in Docker for Windows 18.02 CE Edge. They set most everything up […]

Learning to analyze huge BigQuery datasets using Python on Kaggle

In this last few weeks I’ve learned how to analyze some of BigQuery’s cool public datasets using Python. If you’re not familiar, BigQuery makes it very easy to query Terabytes amounts of data in seconds. In this post, I’m going to share some tips and tricks for analyzing BigQuery data using […]

Open Sourcing Violet — A Voice Application Framework

Violet is built in Node.js to make it easier to build intuitive Alexa Skills Voice-enabled devices are quickly transforming the way we interact with technology — empowering us to be more productive in our daily lives. For instance, managing your to-do list, setting timers, or even discovering restaurants in your neighborhood can now […]