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10 Best iPhone Emulator To Run iOS Apps on PC (Windows & Mac)

Android is an open source Operating System. Consequently, building an Android emulator or a virtual machine running on Android OS is possible. On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is closed-source OS. That said, you can still use an iPhone emulator to use, develop, and test iOS apps and games. ALSO READ: Best Android […]

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC Download Free And Paid

PUBG is possibly the most popular online multiplayer battle royale game available for consoles, computers, and smartphones. Winning games in Playerunknown’s battlegrounds entirely depends on skills and the amount of experience you have gained playing the game. In this article we have provided with PUBG PC download tips and how to […]

Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC | How to run it?

How to download and use the web version of Instagram on PC Instagram one of the world’s most leading social networking App is now available for pc (Instagram web). If you are on social media then the chances are high about your visit to this app at least once in your […]

Microsoft Is Trying To Prevent Unexpected Windows 10 Update Reboots

Windows 10 updates: Microsoft AI will soon stop updates from unexpectedly rebooting your PC Ever since Microsoft launched its new operating system, Windows 10 three years ago, a feature that has constantly annoyed its users is its ability to start installing updates on the system without user consent, even while […]

PythonBot Adware Installs Cryptominer on Windows PCs

PBot: This evolving adware installs malicious browser extensions Security researchers at the Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new Python-based adware that are targeting Windows-based computers. Dubbed PBot, or PythonBot, the adware not only floods an infected computer with advertisements but also installs malicious ad extensions in the browser and hidden cryptocurrency miner on victim’s […]

I haven’t run Windows security software in years

I have a confession to make. I haven’t run security software on my Windows PCs in years. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not some kind of wild, leather-jacket-wearing, helmet-free, motorcycle-riding risk taker. In fact, I’m the opposite. My systems are protected, but only with what Microsoft gave me and […]

Microsoft is working on a new “modern” version of Windows 10 for PCs

Meet “Polaris” – the new, lighter and modern version of Windows 10 operating system Microsoft has long been working on creating a modular operating system for Windows that can run across different platforms and form-factors. Last year, Microsoft announced that they are working on turning Windows into a more modular operating […]

CES 2018: Eye Tracking in VR/AR, Gaming, and PCs

This year, at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, we are gearing up to show how eye tracking enables better devices and better experiences generally across a wide range of devices, from gaming PCs and monitors to augmented and virtual reality head-mounted displays (HMDs). Eye Tracking in AR/VR experiences 👁️ […]