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Insider Attack Resistance

Posted by Shawn Willden, Staff Software Engineer Our smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, contain a wealth of personal information that needs to be kept safe. Google is constantly trying to find new and better ways to protect that valuable information on Android devices. From partnering with external […]

Google open-sources AI-based portrait camera technology in Pixel 2 devices

Google makes the AI technology behind Pixel’s Portrait Mode available as an open-source tool Google’s Pixel 2 handsets has reportedly impressed one and all with its camera capabilities by delivering best imaging experiences from a smartphone. The remarkable thing on the Pixel 2 phone is the stunning “Portrait Mode”, which is […]

Google responds to Pixel 2 XL display complaints, promises fix for ‘clicking’ noise on the Pixel 2

 Shortly after Google’s new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL began shipping, some users noted the devices seemed to have some… quirks. Onscreen colors on the XL seemed faded. When switching screens, evidence of previously displayed images sometimes seemed to linger. Others reported the screen seemed to turn an odd […]