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Pornhub creates a new domain to bypass India’s porn ban

Pornhub launches mirror site after Indian government revives porn ban by blocking 827 adult sites Last week, the Indian government issued a directive asking the internet service providers (ISPs) to block around 827 porn websites, including Pornhub, the largest adult entertainment site. However, Pornhub has now launched a mirror site […]

Pornhub launches its own free VPN with unlimited bandwidth

Meet ‘VPNhub’, Pornhub’s own virtual private network app Pornhub, the most popular adult video website, has launched its own virtual private network “VPNhub” to help visitors safeguard their browsing privacy online and prevent their internet activities from leaking to untrusted Wi-Fi networks. Dubbed as “VPNhub”, the data sent over this […]

Pornhub And Brazzers Collaboration Fail To Help Verge (XVG)

Verge (XVG) prices fails to soar despite the Brazzers and Pornhub partnership Pornhub, the adult entertainment titan, had recently announced that it would allow its users to make payments for its premium content in privacy-focused and anonymous cryptocurrency, Verge (XVG). This would allow Pornhub users to purchase a premium subscription […]

Pornhub Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency For Premium Subscription

Pornhub Starts Accepting Verge As Payment For Premium Subscription Adult entertainment giant Pornhub has announced a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) that will now allow its users to make payments for its premium content in “privacy-focused” cryptocurrency. Verge (VXG), which is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, will allow Pornhub users to […]

‘Fortnite’ server crashes, Pornhub respond with hilarious tweet

Pornhub ask Epic to get Fortnite’s servers fixed or their servers would crash next Epic Games, the studio behind the insanely popular video game “Fortnite Battle Royale” of 2018, in the early hours of Thursday had tweeted that its Fortnite servers was encountering server difficulties due to the latest 3.5 update […]

Pornhub Is Giving Free Premium Access to Towns with Vulgar Names

Pornhub gives free lifetime memberships to cities with sexy names Do you feel embarrassed, as the name of your town or city that you live in sounds sensual or vulgar? Well, if you do reside in such a place, Pornhub, the world’s leading adult entertainment website, is going to reward […]

YouTube banned gun videos now appearing on Pornhub

YouTube imposes bans on videos that sells guns; now appearing on Pornhub YouTube, the Google-owned company, this week has quietly updated its policies on videos involving weapons, direct sales of guns or those with links to sites that sell them in order to contain firearms demonstrations. It also stated that videos […]

PornHub owner unveils AgeID age verification tool for the UK

PornHub to verify your age while accessing adult websites within the UK Starting April 2018, accessing adult websites may not be easy for visitors in the UK, as they would have to now verify their age to access online pornography under a new law. For those unaware, UK is set to […]