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5 Ways To Increase Your Salary As A Software Developer

These 5 methods will help you earn more salary as a software developer In today’s competitive age, technology jobs are profitable, as businesses are willing to pay a premium to those having technical skills. Programming or software developing is one of the most lucrative fields in today’s time, and all […]

These are the top 10 highest-paying jobs at Google

Let’s have a look at the 10 best highest jobs at Google The technology industry is widely considered one of the best-paying industry in the world, as there is an exceptional demand for people with technical skills. Google, which is basically an engineering firm is are ready to pay the […]

Why are you feeling stuck to start programming?

One of the first things that made me feel overwhelmed when I started learning programming was cracking the actual path that a developer should follow in order to grow at a reasonable speed and consistency. I literally spent weeks before I actually put my fingers on the keyboard and started […]

Top 7 Programming Languages That Every Developer Should Learn In 2018

Top 7 Programming Languages You Should Learn In 2018 The world of programming is full of action with new programming languages being written, old languages being replaced and frameworks being created. As the technology world continues to grow especially with the oncoming deluge of Internet of Things (IoT), the need […]

Use bashrc alias to become a more efficient programmer

There are situations where you type in long command strings into your terminal. This can become error prone and tiring. The ~/.bashrc file is a configuration file for your terminal. We can use it to turn a complex command string into a simple custom made command. Open up your ~/.bashrc file and […]

Perl is the most hated programming language by developers, says report

Top 10 programming languages that developers hate the most While most of the analysis done by data firm are done to find out the popular programming language, the data researchers at Stack Overflow decided to do it the other way around, that is to find out the most disliked programming […]