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Clean, Easy & New- How To Architect Your App: Part 5 — List Update

with Paging Library’s ListAdapter Back to my venues demo app shown on previous posts (part 4, part 3, also check out part 2 and part1 which explains more about the structure) . As you already know, I use Foursquare API which allows me to create a network call and get the […]

Exploring Kotlin using Android Architecture Components (and vice versa)

Recently, after all this time listening and reading about Kotlin I decided that it was time to give it a try. The best way to do it, I thought, was to write a new Android app from the beginning. Sure, Kotlin was designed to be “multi-platform” from the beginning (JVM, […]

Clean, Easy & New- How To Architect Your App: Part 4 — LiveData Transformations

How to use map() and switchMap() to easily transform the value received from LiveData, for elegant code. In the architecture I presented on previous posts (part1, part2, part3) I explained I like to use a UseCase object which is in charge of the interaction between the data layer and the UI […]

Clean, Easy & New- How To Architect Your App: Part 3 — Network Calls

This is not exactly a direct continuation for the previous posts with the same title (part1, part2, which I’ll get back to soon hopefully ) , but really on the same subject 😉 Following an intro talk I gave recently, I want to show an example for structuring your app to perform […]